3 Reasons Why I Joined a Coding Bootcamp

This blog is for someone like me, the "Lone Wolf" wannabe of the Software Engineering World.


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3 Reasons Why I Joined a Coding Bootcamp

Yes, I know I was crazy. My plan was to become a software engineer (SWE) as a "lone wolf." I thought that I didn't need anyone. I thought I could learn all these amazing skills on my own if I just had the right resources, the right classes/courses, the right books, the right notes, etc. Nope. At least, not for me.

If that worked out for you, then WOW. I'm genuinely impressed! But, for those that were like me and who are feeling overwhelmed, lonely, and even lost, I will give you 3 reasons why you should find your "pack".

1. You learn how to THINK

It's important to nail down the principles and practice "what's in the books," but the books won't teach you how to think.

When I was first learning HTML, all I knew was how and when to use certain tags, and that was that. My webpages were so dull and had no context. My thinking changed after I joined #100Devs (my current pack!). After one or two classes, Leon taught me how to write and THINK semantically. I learned how to code webpages intentionally and pick tags purposefully.

People can teach you different ways of thinking!


Coding is being marketed as a skill that anyone can master in just weeks. I've seen ads guaranteeing people that they will end up with jobs right after they completed this course or that class. That is all false advertising. Why? Everyone is on a different journey.

I remember I was getting confused on where to go next after learning HTML. I was so lost. I've seen people go straight to CSS and yet I've seen others skip CSS and go straight to JavaScript or Python. Goodness. I didn't know what to do next!

After going though a few #100Devs classes, I realized that I actually kind of missed taking notes, asking questions live, and watching someone go through their PowerPoint slides. I made friends and we study together! We all need a few study buddies!

Being in a coding bootcamp helped ease my stress by giving me a clear roadmap of what to learn.

3. You learn how to NETWORK

I think in every career field, networking is essential. It's good to get to know the community you want to be involved in, connect with professionals to learn from them, and make friends! You want that dream job? Then get to know the company and their people. Look at the skills they're looking for and understand their culture.

Get active on your social media platforms and NETWORK.

For me to become a SWE, I can't think or learn or network on my own. I need my pack, and I'm so grateful that I have found one.

Don't be a lone wolf. Find your pack.

Thanks for reading my friend!

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-- Note from Izzy:
If a coding bootcamp isn't for you, then that's ok! I know learning can be hard and sometimes discouraging. I just hope you don't go through this journey alone. Find or even make a support group!

I also know that there are some coding bootcamps that may not be affordable for people, especially for those that have been heavily affected by COVID-19. Here are a few that I know are free (or may have free courses/classes, not the full entire bootcamp for free) and have a supportive community:

  1. #100Devs by Leon Noel
  2. Ada Developers Academy
  3. Resilient Coder
  4. CodeOp

If you know of any more, let me know!